RUSH - Online Tournament

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RUSH - Online Tournament

Prize Pool

Look sharp! The largest gaming event of the year is here! Bringing together the biggest games, the best gamers, and the largest gathering of casters, streamers and fans.


Format: 5v5
Mode: Tournament Draft
Map: Summoner’s Rift
Server: EU West


  • Teams must have 5 main players and atleast 2 substitutes
    • Tournament is only open to MENA residents.
    • Teams with players outside of the MENA region may not participate.
  • Players must register with their Summoner Name (EU West) game ID. Any other format will be invalid
  • Players must be 16+ to participate in this tournament.

Registration Process:

  1. Create an account / Login to Gamershub website
  2. Register / Create your team for the tournament
    1. Ensure all members registers with their Summoner Name (EU West) game ID.
  3. Invite team members to join the team.
    1. If a member is a registered user in the website, please enter their Username for an invite
    2. If a member is unregistered user, please enter their email address for an invite
    3. Use this document for reference:

Tournament Format:

  • Qualifiers: Single Elimination, Best of 1(BO1)
    • 8 groups will be created for Qualifiers
    • Top 1 from each group will qualify to Group Stage
  • Group Stage: Double Elimination, Best of 3 (BO3)
    • Semi Finals:
      • Lower Bracket: Best of 3(BO3)
      • Upper Bracket: Best of 3 (BO3)


  • Starts on September 14
    • Subject to change


  • All team captains must take a screenshot of the results of every match and submit the results within 10 minutes after the game. Failure to submit game screenshots will result in a disqualification.


  • SAR 110,000


  • Join Discord RUSH League of Legends
  • After joining, head over to #get-a-role and react to League of Legends
  • Head over to #support if you need further assistance