About us

We are a boutique esports company. A team of gamers, ideators, strategists, planners and creators on a mission to create the largest gaming community in the world.

Since 2017, GHME has  been merging technology, strategy and creativity to connect brands, game publishers, content creators, gamers and viewers. From tournaments, to leagues with gaming cafes across the region, to product launches and activations, GHME has partnered with some of the biggest brands, publishers, influencers and gamers to create unrivalled experiences in both the virtual and real worlds. 

The GHME Platform uses AI driven algorithms, blockchain tech and big data to take gaming and esports to the next level. A revolutionary, tech-driven intersection for tournament organisers, game publishers, content creators and media, across geographies and devices. Together with the Gamers Hub Studios, GHME Events and the Gamers Hub Store, we serve the complete gaming and esports ecosystem.