Sat, 05/07/2022 - 16:02

Glorious PC Gaming Race has rebranded to simply Glorious. With the new rebranding comes with a new logo and the newly introduced sub-brand called Glorious Forge.

Glorious Forge seeks to introduce new, unique and experimental products that is requested by the community via small-batch Group Buys which will cater from keyboards to mousepads and many others.

This new sub-brand will enable Glorious to innovate and collaborate with the community. In turn, will give fans and creators opportunities to work with Glorious to bring fresh ideas - incorporating art, lifestyle, cutting edge tech and much more.


Glorious Forge project will be released "Group Buy" style, meaning those interested will need to pre-order the products. Once the maximum pre-order quantity has been reached, only then will production starts. This system helps make limited-quantity runs of exciting products possible.


Interest Checks (ICs) are exactly what they sound like – a way to gauge interest for a product that Glorious are looking to move into the Group Buy stage.

  • ICs will be posted on the Glorious Forge™ hub page with a clear label distinguishing them from live Group Buys.
  • No money is exchanged at this stage. ICs are merely a showing of interest, not a promise to buy.
  • To express your interest in a product idea, you will submit your email address via a form.
  • Once enough people have shown interest, it will move into the Group Buy stage.

Products that the community shows significant interest in move into the Group Buy (GB) phase. Check out active GBs by visiting the Glorious Forge™ hub page!

  • Similar to traditional pre-orders, Glorious Forge products have a dedicated page on our website. There, you can check out a detailed breakdown of the product, including its price and estimated shipping date.
  • Group Buys are typically live for 2 weeks but the duration may vary.
  • You will be charged the full amount when you pre-order a Glorious Forge product - standard shipping rates apply.
  • Once the product’s minimum order quantity (MOQ) has been reached, and the GB has ended, it will quickly move into the production phase.

Glorious Forge products go into production only after its Group Buy has concluded.

  • Production takes an estimated 30-45 days, but this could vary significantly by project.
  • During this phase, we ensure all Glorious Forge products match the same level of quality and consistency as our mass-produced, mainline products.

Once the products have been manufactured at the factory, they will be shipped.

  • Group Buy participants will be notified via email and social posts that their product is ready for shipment.
  • Contact our customer support team to update your address if it has changed over the course of the Group Buy process.
  • You can not do this once the product is already en route to your address from our warehouse.



Glorious Forge products are fully covered by our Customer Support team.

All electronic Glorious Forge products come with a 2-year warranty and a 1-year warranty for all non-electronic products.


Units are only guaranteed through the Glorious webstore. International partners will handle Glorious Forge Group Buys on a product-by-product basis. Reach out to them for more information when you see a new project announced on our website.