FIFA 22 Gamescom: New Leagues and Icons/Heroes set to be announced
Wed, 08/25/2021 - 11:03

We’re just one day away from the official launch of Gamescom 2021 and there will be some massive FIFA 22news coming at the event.


Running officially from Wednesday to Friday, the virtual convention is set to bring news of some major titles on Xbox and PC.

A recent report from a prolific Twitter leaker indicates that we will be getting more news about the game this week.

@FUT22_News noted that we’re very likely to get updates on new Leagues and Icons coming in FIFA 22. They said: “Expect new news from Gamescom (25th-27th).

“New icons & leagues may be announced #FIFA22.”

The account has leaked several elements of the new FIFA title over the past few months, and there’s a very good chance they’re on the money with this one too.

We reached out to FUT22_News and they revealed that the information isn’t concrete, but they have heard the rumours from reliable sources.

They did, however, confirm that Hero Wayne Rooney will have a 91 prime for his new card.

The following Leagues are expected to be added to the game this season, so they may well be announced this week:

  • Indian Super League
  • Série B (2nd Tier Brazil)
  • National League (5th Tier England)
  • First Division (Zypern)
  • OTP Bank (Liga Ungarn)
  • Polish 5th League

It is not known which new Icons/Heroes may be heading to the game, although several recent leaks have indicated that the following will likely be heading to FIFA 22, so one or more of these may also be revealed at Gamescom 2021:

  • Wayne Rooney: Rumoured Ratings - 86, 88, 91.
  • Robin Van Persie: Rumoured Ratings - Unknown, Unknown, Unknown.
  • Cafu: Rumoured Ratings - 88, 90, 92.
  • Iker Casillas: Rumoured Ratings - 87, 89, Unknown.
  • Alfredo Di Stefano: Rumoured Ratings - 88, 90, 92.
  • Adriano: Rumoured Ratings - Unknown, Unknown, Unknown.

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